Specialized trading company of semiconductors, mechatronics, and information systems
Provider of FA solutions and industrial machinery

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  • Safety Laser Scanner

  • Parallel link Robot

  • Welding Robot

  • Programmable Operator

We distribute electronic devices and equipment and provide solutions for FA (factory automation), mechanical control engineering, and other industries.
Using our wide network, we can also provide of services to help you become a supplier or customer to the high technology companies in Japan.



  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Japan Co., Ltd. (former Panasonic Electric Works Automation Controls)
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd.
  • Panduit Corporation
  • Parker corporation, Inc.
  • Patlite Corporation, Inc.
  • Pilz Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Pisco Hanbai Co., Ltd.
  • Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Rittal K.K.
  • Toyo Thermo Limited (former Robertshaw Japan Limited)
  • Rokugo Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • ROM-Win Co,. Ltd.
  • Royal Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Ryobi Limited


  • Saginomiya Seisakusho, Inc.
  • Sakae
  • Sakae Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Sakaguchi E.H VOC Corp.
  • Sakamoto Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • Sakazume Electric Ind. Co., Ltd.
  • Sanden
  • Sanei Electric Inc.
  • Sankei Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Sankosha Corporation
  • Sankyo Denki Co., Ltd.
  • Sankyo Seisakusho
  • Sunmulon Co., Ltd.
  • Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Sanshin Electric Corporation
  • Sanso Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
  • Sanwa Connector
  • Sanwa Signworks Co., Ltd.
  • Sato Holdings Corporation
  • SAXA Holdings, Inc.
  • SAXA Precision, Inc.
  • Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Schaffner
  • Schmalz K.K.
  • Schneider Electric
  • SDS Corporation
  • Seiko Epson Corp.
  • Sentec Co., Ltd.
  • Sertec
  • System Arts, Inc.
  • Sharp Business Solutions Corporation (SBS, former Sharp Document Systems)
  • Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation (SMS)
  • Shimatec
  • Shimaden Co., Ltd.
  • Shinagawa Shoko Co., Ltd.
  • Shinden Co., Ltd.
  • Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (former Shindengen Device Commerce Co., Ltd.)
  • Shinko Technos Co., Ltd.
  • Shishido Electrostatic, Ltd.
  • Shoden Co., Ltd.
  • Shoei Co., Ltd.
  • Showa Denki
  • SICK
  • Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.
  • SMC Corporation
  • Solton Co., Ltd.
  • Spacio Co., Ltd.
  • Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Hirosawaseiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (former Style Electronics)
  • Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Suiden Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo 3M
  • Sunao Electric Co., Ltd.
  • SUN-EH Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Suntech Corp.
  • SunTelephone Co., Ltd.
  • Suruga Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • Swallow Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Motorola Solutions, Inc. (former Symbol Technologies)
  • Azbil TA Co., Ltd. (former TACO)
  • TAIYO Ltd.
  • Takachi Electronics Enclosure Co., Ltd.
  • Takamisawa Cybernetics Co., Ltd.
  • Takasago Ltd.
  • Takemoto Denki Corporation
  • Takenaka Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Takenaka Optonic Co., Ltd.
  • Takenaka System Co., Ltd.
  • K.K. Kansai Dennetsu (former Taketsuna Manufactory)
  • Takuwa Corporation
  • Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • Saxa Precision, Inc. (former Tamura Electric Works)
  • TDK Corporation
  • TDK-Lambda Corporation
  • Tempearl Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Tenor Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Terada Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • Teral Inc.
  • Texas Instruments Incorporated
  • Texio Technology Corporation
  • THK Co., Ltd.
  • To-Conne Co., Ltd. (former Toyo Connectors)
  • K.K. Todensha
  • Tokushu Denso Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Decal Industry Ltd.
  • Tokyo Electron Device Limited
  • Tokyo Keiso Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Micro Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Rikosha Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Sensor Co., Ltd.
  • Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation
  • Toyodengenkiki Co., Ltd.
  • Toyo Electric Corporation
  • Toyogiken Co., Ltd.
  • Toyo Keiki Co., Ltd.
  • Toyo Kiki K.K.
  • Toyo Thermo Limited
  • Toyozumi Dengenkiki Co., Ltd.
  • Towa Seiden Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Trusco Nakayama Corporation
  • Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
  • Tsukasa Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuruga Electric Corporation
  • Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuruta Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Tucson
  • Tyco Electronics Raychem

We also deal with several suppliers not on the preceding list. Do not hesitate to contact us.